How to Answer Popular Interview Questions

At Crush the CASPer®, we're all about being prepared. Whether it's for a med school interview, the CASPer® test, or a new job, having answers to commonly asked questions will ease your anxiety and show how you're the best candidate for the position.

I came across this article that I like from Forbes called "Here's How To Answer The 10 Most Popular Interview Questions". For many of the answers, they highlight that you should focus on the why rather than the what. Listing your accomplishments is one thing, but saying why you're proud of them or why you chose to pursue them takes your answer to another level.

Another great tip they mention: be transparent about your weaknesses. Please don't say that you're a perfectionist. Tell them your actual weaknesses, and how you're mitigating them. And then you can play up your unique strengths.

Now get out there and Crush It!