Food for Brain Fuel

This is our second post in our Student Wellness Series, and it's about food.

Food is a hot topic. As a med student, I think about how food affects my performance, since I want my brain to be functioning at its best for studying, exams, and clinical rotations.

I found this article from the BBC that talks about simple ways that you can use food to boost your exam performance. They offer straightforward tips, like bringing water into an exam with you in order to perform 5% better!

For my diet, I'm focusing on only two things for my well-being as a student:

1. Eating a vegetable every day and

2. Getting protein at every meal

These may not seem like a big goals, but it's a step up from having days where I haven't planned appropriately and end up eating a bag of chips for lunch. My go-to protein sources that I've been carrying in my bag during my surgical rotations are protein shakes, baby bell cheese, protein bars, almonds, and wraps. Snacking on baby carrots while I study is an easy way to get my vegetables for the day. By doing these two things, I have more energy to study, and I don't crash after a meal since I'm getting protein and some fiber.

If you're looking to choose a couple of your own goals to improve your brain power, this article from the Mayo Clinic talks about the MIND diet. It emphasizes foods that keep your brain healthy.

That's all for now; more student wellness to come next week.