5 Tips to Crush the CASPer® Test

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

We want you to do well on the CASPer® test. Part of that is recognizing just how different it is from any exam you may have written before. Read on for 5 tips to help you CRUSH it.

1. Practice!

Ok, I know we're a practice test company, but there's a reason we do what we do.

In order to get a feel for the CASPer®, try a few practice tests. If you can, set up at least one of your practice sessions like it's the real thing. For instance, set your environment up like you will on test day. Limit distractions around you (and make sure you write the real test in a quiet spot). Try writing it at the same time of day as your test is scheduled for... some students even eat the same food that they'll have on test day. The point is, practice will help you feel more prepared on test day. And for a FREE full-length practice CASPer® test, click here.

2. Read all 3 questions for each stem before you start typing

There are 12 scenarios or prompts in the CASPer®. You’ll need to answer 3 questions for each of them. Make sure you read all 3 questions first before you start typing your answer. That could give your subconscious brain some time to start processing the next answer, and it can ensure you don’t repeat yourself or miss a question.

On the same note, the next tip is to

3. Answer all the questions

At face value, this may sound like a silly tip, but a common thing we see students do is run out of time and not put any answer down. Make sure you put something for every question, even if it’s just a word or an ethical principle.

4. Focus on the current scenario

You will run out of time to answer the questions the way you want. The CASPer® is designed to quickly move test-takers onto the next stem. Even if you feel you had a horrible answer, forget about it and just focus on the task at hand. This test is challenging, so practicing moving on from the last question can really help.

5. Try to improve your typing speed

The CASPer® requires you to type out your answer. When we did the CASPer® test, we made sure to practice our typing speed to get as much content into our answers as possible. There are many websites that can help you improve this skill for free, like

Find what works for you, and good luck with your test!