Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

About Us

Who We Are

Crush the CASPer® was founded by two Canadian medical students in 2020 out of a desire to make part of the application process more accessible and affordable to everyone.


We know what it takes to get into a professional healthcare program because we've been there ourselves. Everyone who works at Crush the CASPer® has a professional degree, and has had to ace the CASPer® test. 

Our Mission

Applying for school is expensive and time-intensive. We know from experience how badly you want to get into school, and how many hoops there are to jump through to get there. Our goal is to help you do your best on the CASPer® by offering the most affordable mock CASPer® tests on the market. We are the only platform to also offer a FREE half-length mock CASPer® to everyone. 

Applying to school is expensive.

Doing your best on the CASPer® shouldn't be.