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CASPer® is a trademark of Altus Inc. and McMaster University.

Crush the CASPer® run by Crush It Test Prep is not

affiliated with Altus Inc. or any university/college.

What is the CASPer®?

 The CASPer® is a situational judgement test used to assess applicants' interpersonal skills and non-academic performance. It essentially looks at how you react to different professional and ethical scenarios. It's used across the world as part of the application process to hundreds of college and university programs. 

 CASPer® Format

  • 12 scenarios - 8 video and 4 written

  • 5 minutes per scenario to answer 3 open-ended questions

  • Automatically moves on after 5 minutes, whether you've finished typing or not

  • Optional 15-minute break halfway through


CASPer® Evaluation

  • Each scenario is graded by a different rater 

  • Score is sent automatically to the school(s) you selected

  • Note: you do not ever get to see your scores

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CASPer Practice Test

Why Practice Crushing It

Reduce your test day anxiety by experiencing the CASPer® exam and practicing first.

Realistic formats using 8 scenarios and 4 prompts to simulate the real thing.

Practice now to improve your typing speed for the real exam. Get more content into your answers.

Become more familiar with the types of questions and content used for this unique test.









Affordable Excellence

Applying to school is expensive.

Practicing to do your best on the CASPer® shouldn't be. 

Crushing It Includes: 

Free Practice CASPer® Test

FREE Written

Exam for Everyone

Unlimited Attempts for Each Test

Review Your Answers After Each Practice

Format Simulates the Real CASPer® 

Practice Crushing It Now

Simulated  Written CASPer® 

  • 8 Written Scenarios

  • 4 Written Prompts

  • Unlimited Attempts for 1 month

  • Review Your Own Answers

  • Timed like the CASPer®                      



Video CASPer®

  • 8 Video Scenarios

  • 4 Written Prompts

  • Unlimited Attempts for 1 month

  • Review Your Own Answers

  • Our Closest Simulation to the  Real CASPer®


Simulated CASPer® Combo

  • Simulated Video CASPer®

  • Simulated Written CASPer® 1

  • Simulated Written CASPer® 2

  • FREE Mock CASPer®

  • Unlimited Attempts for 3 Months

  • Review Your Own Answers



Each scenario will have 3 questions.

 Read all 3 before writing your answers so that you don't miss one, and so you're less likely to run out of time.

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Example Written Prompt

Goal setting is an essential skill that will be used in any profession. It involves all the processes necessary to achieve a specific outcome. 


1. Describe a goal you have set for yourself.

​2. How do you set goals for yourself?

3. What strategies do you use to keep yourself on track with your goals?

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